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Mimi Rivet Stud Slide Sandals

Mimi Rivet Stud Slide Sandals

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Step out and strut with our Mimi Rivet Stud Slide Sandals, where comfort meets attitude. Handcrafted for the fashionista who doesn't compromise on comfort, these slides are decked out with bold rivet studs that scream 'I have arrived!' Perfect for those days when you want to make a statement without saying a word, the padded insole ensures you're striding on clouds while turning heads. Whether you're hitting the beach or the streets, these sandals are your new go-to for effortless style that packs a punch. So go ahead, let your feet do the talking and walk the walk of a trendsetter. You're not just wearing sandals; you're making a statement with every step.

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Handmade slide sandals with rivet stud details and a padded insole.

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