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Split Sea Green Flared Maxi Dress

Split Sea Green Flared Maxi Dress

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Unleash your inner sea goddess with this Split Sea Green Flared Maxi Dress that's as sassy as it is sophisticated. Tailored for the fashion-forward woman, this dress isn't just a garment—it's a statement. The delicate bright rose floral pattern whispers sweet nothings of summer, while the flirtatious v-neck and flutter sleeves shout confidence from the rooftops. Glide through any event with the grace of a mermaid, thanks to the lightweight, flowy fabric that dances around your legs, complete with tantalizing slits at the hemline to show just a hint of skin. Perfect for those who command attention without saying a word, this dress is a love letter to bold elegance.

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Materials: 100%Viscose

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