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Fame "Hello Weekend" Tote Bag

Fame "Hello Weekend" Tote Bag

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Meet the "Fame 'Hello Weekend' Burlap Tote Bag" – your new sassy sidekick for all things fun and fabulous! This isn't just any tote; it's a statement. Crafted from the earthy charm of burlap, this bag screams 'chic' with a whisper of 'eco-friendly'. With its bold 'Hello Weekend' greeting, it's a conversation starter that says you're ready for relaxation and adventure. So, why settle for ordinary when you can strut your stuff with this stunning tote that's as ready for a good time as you are? Gift it to your favorite weekend warrior or treat yourself – because every day should feel like the weekend.

Product Details

Materials: 100% Polyester

Bag size: Large



Length 18 in

Height 14 in

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